197? Nishiki Olympic 12



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I'm going to leave this page basically unchanged, but I finally got that 25" Trek 520 that I mentioned below! Since parts are so hard to find for this bike I've decided to put it in storage for a while. I'll keep my eyes open, and if I see a good deal on some used parts I'll put this one back together as a backup bike.

I've done some more research... this might actually be a mid 80s frame, I might have overestimated its age.

This is my primary bicycle for every day use... This bike sees the most miles of any of my bikes by a wide margin.
UPDATE: This isn't true anymore... after buying the RANS I haven't touched the other bikes. We'll see how it turns out over time.
UPDATE 2: A few years later I find myself enjoying the upright bikes more again for their speed and agility. And of course, THIS is my favorite one in the stable!

I bought the frame that this bike is built around for $25 at the Salvation Army thrift store. I looked and looked for a large enough frame size for over a year. For a while I was set on buying a Trek 520, but I would have had to buy the 25" frame, which the LBS just couldn't get. I finally found this frame, and figured that I could make it fit. I bought it right away with the justification that any money spent on parts wasn't a waste as I could easily move any of them to another bike in the future. It's not the most exciting frame possible, but it is lugged CroMolly steel, so other than being heavy, it is actually decent. It measures 62 cm center to center, and as you can see I have just a hair under 6" of seatpost showing!! One LBS (known for being good at doing fits) said I should probably consider a custom frame if I want something that actually fits right. :)

This bike is highly customized to exactly fit my needs and desires in a bike... every piece was individually chosen to fill a certain role while giving the best price/performance!

Specs (until they change):

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