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Bicycling is my favorite hobby.  I commute 20+ miles round trip about four days per week, plus some recreational riding, so I hope that I can share something useful to other cyclists or would be cyclists.

Honey Run Road, Between Chico & Paradise, CA. It's part of the annual Wildflower Century, though I was going it alone.
This section is actually quite steep.

My Bicycles:

In Service...

  • 2006 Trek 520 -- Touring Bike, commuting, touring, and fun
  • 1973 (?) Peugeot PX-10 -- Fixed Gear, PURE FUN!
  • 1998 Raleigh SC-30 -- previous commuting bike, currently parted out NOW A MTB!
  • 1981 Schwinn Voyageur S/P -- newly acquired, needs some cleanup before I ride it regularly

On Vacation...(parted or in storage)

  • 197? Nishiki Olympic 12 -- (Currently Parted Out) commuting, shopping, touring, etc.
  • ???? Schwinn World Tourist (soon? to be a fixie conversion)

No Longer In My Possession...

General Articles:


These have been migrated to my blog...


Linked here, are some bicycling pages that I have found useful or interesting.
  • Sheldon Brown's bicycle pages are at:  http://www.sheldonbrown.com
    I am very sad to report that that Sheldon passed away recently. His influence will always be remembered... He will be remembered as a friend, even though I never had the opportunity to meet him in person.
    • Sheldon has a huge collection of useful information, from his very thorough bicycle glossary to easy to understand technical articles.  Sheldon is also a frequent contributor on the bicycling usenet groups and has frequently answered my questions about upgrades & repairs.
  • 'Ken Kifer's Bike Pages' are at:  http://www.kenkifer.com/bikepages/index.htm
    I am very sad to report that that Ken was killed by a drunk driver while riding his bicycle near his home on Saturday the 13th of September 2003. Ken will surely be missed by all of those that he was such a positive influence on. I will especially miss his positive outlook and generous desire to help others.
    • Ken is a participant on a few of the bicycling mailing lists that I lurk. He says of his pages: "The purpose of Ken Kifer's Bike Pages is to share what I know about cycling and to encourage others to bicycle as well." His pages make bicycling seem like the obvious choice for day-to-day transportation.
  • Alex Wetmore's Bicycle Pages at http://phred.org/~alex/bikes/
    • Alex has a lot of useful information about how he's made things work together that weren't designed to do so.

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